Xocai Cacao Commitment For Calgary Alberta In Chinese

Xocai Cacao Commitment For Calgary Alberta In Chinese

My name is Andrew Brooks MXI founder. But you know the most important title to me is dad. I have three children of my own and I want for them every opportunity that they can have in life. I want to give them a world that’s even better than the one that you and I enjoy today. And I bet that’s the same thing you want for your family. That’s why doing the right thing as a company is important to me. And this is my cacao commitment.

Read the Xocai Cacao Commitment in Chinese.

As founder and chief operating officer my vision is to transform and improve health world wide while also providing a long term and most importantly socially responsible business opportunity. Cacao this beautiful pod, this beautiful bean, that’s the defining ingredient in our products.

Without it we don’t have chocolate and honestly we don’t have a business. In 2005 our company partnered with a program that focuses on increasing the standard of living for our cacao farmers. We’ve been able to help them with training we’ve actually been able to help them increase their cocoa quality and overall production.

MXI also works with international and domestic communities, resource professions, and other organizations that share my same passion for responsible conservation.

We proudly display our certification and our partnership with the SFI and all of our packaging. One thing that get’s me excited about this relationship with the SFI is we help plant over 1.7 million trees each and every day. I don’t believe we have to create a foundation to do what’s right. It doesn’t take a natural catastrophe to find a need.

Xoservice is simple, Xoservice has taught me that time is truly our most precious gift. Here’s how xoservice works. Create a team, set a date, and go do some good. Ensuring sustainability is my passion and it’s also at the heart of our business while providing a positive generational impact on our communities.

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